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cursive – wowowow lyrics



the hollow at night, a blood swollen moon
an organ-grinder, his chimp churn out of tune
carnival lights, a barker’s decree
pickled punks, oddities, freaks, all in one ring

i heard there exists a set of siamese twins
sisters sharing everything – wow!

an old cabaret, the dance of the bee
like a swan i float up on stage looking for honey
a back alleyway, cloaked in red light
coquettes in concupiscent dress bat their eyes

what have we here in my midst?
so it’s true, you do exist
thoughts long lost come crashing in

a birthday boy in the month of june
blew out his cake, his wish came true
splattered blood all over the floor
gemini, what have you done?
what horrid wolves we’ve become


we are the alone
we had no one
only ourself
never ever leave me
without the sun, there is no moon
without a me, there is no you
oh… oh… oh…


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