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curtis dwayne – hookah smoke lyrics


[verse 1]
i leave messages unseen, chris where you’ve been?
kind of busy with codeine, no reason to scream
don’t panic bout lean, it’s not addictive as the screen
appreciate a good scene and separate from the mean
i lost my charlie sheen my screenplay gonna suck
i guess i had no luck, then why to give a f-ck?
fake mates complain i left em’ on their back
can’t withstand the pain of closing a gap
impossible for me, not to murder every track
the ultimative curse to destoy sh-t with a verse
does she have drugs in her purse? let’s us go reverse!
theories to observe without getting on my nerves
miss the days when we balled, d-mn i felt like dj khaled, no!
his is the man standing behind, while i try to express my mind
in future i’ll be hard to find, why? keep focus on my grind!
everybody can do it but few from us will!
a lifetime dedication, bro, there’s no magic pill
to swallow and become all of what you dream
come on’ bro, you know what i mean!
don’t believe fairy tales or you possess a magic bean?
if i quote steve jobs, that would be mainstream
i feel like people are stucked in the past of evolution
so talented in finding a problem to every solution
i feel my lungs are bad affected by the air pollution
i feel love is crippled by secret prost-tution
i feel negative vibes need a execution
i think good vibes need a revolution
it’s sad, people read books like fifthy shades
when they are humans, the same as bill gates
how to convince suicide is not worth to commit?
this world rips your heart out, makes a fresh out of it…