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cut up – from ear to ear lyrics


brutally strangled, attacked from behind
blacked out dropped on the floor
defenseless lifeless flesh for the cut
the body will soon be deformed

the sound of steel violated through flesh
piercing the skin with a new sharp blade
stabbing the neck multiple times
forcing the knife down the spine

slowly insert the knife
from ear to ear
the neck tendons snap from the cut
from ear to ear
the warm blood gush from the wound
from ear to ear
carving through skin, flesh and bones
from ear to ear

a murdering maniac molesting the skin
exposing the blood dripping flesh
s-d-stic, morbid procedure to k!ll
a dreamlike state in a murderer’s mind

tickle the dead flesh one final time
armed with a two-edged knife in each hand
smeared in blood and guts and pus
the ripped throat start to build the l-st

lost in his final humanity, a monstrous appet-te begin
a necrophiliacs need to ej-cul-te in the dead
an act of violent overtorture, randomly over the corpse
screaming in l-st, covered in blood from raping the throat of the dead