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cv$pxr – camels in camelot lyrics


[verse 1]
yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
listen, listen, listen
i’m from the underbelly, wonder why it’s c-mbersome
up choppin’ down trees like a lumber b-m
loss of wit, i’m dumbfounded by the shit you speak
so take your load without a paddle up and down the creek
spring a leak and keep drowning for attention
bench pressin’ depression and stay stressing defeat, but see
you ain’t even on my level kid
malevolence is prevelant, that’s why i keep a blunt pressed to my lips, shit
pussies should know that this rat b-st-rd’ll capture whatever he’s after, no matter the pattern of circ-mstance
tattered with perks and xans
lack of purpose, peep the perks before the curtain stand
back to the future, not a m-sseuse could even serve a hand
and candid i’m stranded in a land of thought, purchasin’ grams of crop
light like a lamp, i’m off to a standard spot like camels in camelot
just let it play, let it play
just let it play, let it play
just let it play, let it play, let it play, let it play

[verse 2]
i wanna be more than a b-m rappin’ for change
a hub cap in the lane
a speed b-mp in the game, i’ll keep humpin’ these dames
’till they all sayin’ that he came up quick
flipped the charts with a jump, skip and a twist of a spliff
and belly dived off the side of a cliff, now follow me
i wanna be the inspiration
for a nation of impatient little brats
who get barbie dolled up and act
like they on vacation in vegas
chugging cases, just waiting for a death date
since moms popped ’em out the oven, always had they bread straight
i say i hate ’em cause my spoon’s covered in rust
stay debating the difference between love and l-st, but
dust to dust, and ashes to cashless hap-hazardous backwards -ss tag along f-ggots, b-tch i am the trend
and you can’t pretend that my presence with a pen
won’t take me to the point that you’ll be saying
“i used to know that guy, when’d he grow so fly? and why ain’t he tell me goodbye?”
well i been roosting just waiting for my day to come
spread my wings, escape this nest that i am product from
caution? none
tossing guns with loaded clips
hope to make the most of this
and stay posted with the boldest grin
in this perfectly proportioned portrait portraying what a masterpiece has to be
no casualties as he so casually is crafting these
acrobatic acts with a lack of precision, back flipping back and forth
back up plans and bad decisions, axe incisions
no axis for his -ssets, trying to p-ss the time without a past tense
and what the future holds he’s told is really worth it all
but still he wonders if a leap of faith is worth the fall
i’ll be sitting just wishing for some well-being to help me propel these helicopter verses
so now you’ve heard the words that be turning in my mind’s furthest catacombs
that be gathering hoes
and foes get stabbed in battle with cattle prongs
ay grab the tackle box, i’m fishing for a hook and verse
some real lines, she a real fine bobber when her tushie hurts
lookee sir, what you’ve heard is irrelevant
the eloquence with which i spit these fire elements deserves eminence and nothing less
15 seconds at best
i’ll be spitting to the death of me, rest in peace
nah rest in poetry, that’s how you know it’s me, yeah i’ll be flowing for eternity
now rest in poetry, that’s how you know it’s me, yeah i’ll be flowing for eternity