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cv$pxr – grill lyrics


[verse one]
o-town, where it go down, home of the whole sound
so profound, blow pounds
smoke billows out the windows when they roll down
woah now, no time for the petty shit
get a grip for you get hit
i was raised in the swamp, had to stomp through the marsh
when the cops got to flocking
no options, foes often
scoffin’ when i walk in with the squadron
common hoes gawking
poppin’ pussy for profit
i’m pushing product, no problem
so if you need it i got it
more than modest my pockets
yeah my cash flow is faucet
got tired of being impoverished
and this shit was my sole (soul) option
softened novice talk gossip
we leave em off in a coffin
you can’t make comments when
your losses are larger than your wallet
our generation so pompous
and shit our nation is too
just so complacent, complaining
with acute angles of view
change must be pursued by youth, so yes i’m talking to you
all this corruption and greed, just simply needs to be through
open your minds and you’ll find
all of our leaders askew
they try confining the m-sses, i think it’s time they collapse
in fact that shit’s overdue
so what you gonna do when the red, white, and blue come for you my dude?
they’re gonna use their tools to amuse you fools
and abuse their rule
you better choose for all h-ll breaks loose
cuz when the shit hits the fan
the d-mnation of this d-mn nation will sure ensue