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cyle mckay-brown – test product lyrics


[verse1:cyle mckay-brown]

living in this nightmare
it’s frightening
hiding pain that i pretend
doesn’t exist here
all i can do
is hope for a new beginning
pray for a new life where i am just spitting
you think you know pain?
you know nothing
imagine sitting in your room
while your father’s is outside getting f-cked up
your mother pretending everything is fine
when the truth that it’s not
wondering when it will all end
trying to make ends meet
just to go through it all in your head
finally snapping when someone gets on your nerves
trying to hold back so you don’t k!ll him where he stands
you can’t go to prison man
you’ve got too much outside these walls to not take a stand
it’s just not worth it
you got to make it out while it’s still worth something
but i f-cked it
so i guess it’s time to head back to the lab and try make sense of where i lost it
[verse2:cyle mckay-brown]

you may call me crazy
that’s fine with me
coz you ain’t ever been close to feeling anything like me
you ain’t never had to murder a b-tch
you ain’t ever had to do something you regret
i sold my soul to the devil when i joined this sh-t
i wish i didn’t
it’s not worth the pain that it caused
but i have no one to blame coz this was my fault
i caused this
this ain’t no one’s sh-t but my own