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cyne – e-motion lyrics


[verse 1: cise star]
as i move in
grooving in hits like rick rubin
never occluding, closing anything that i’m doing
i keep glowing and showing, flowing, the crowd going
doing the shit slick, more diligent, the whole toe in
my lyrical gift of spitting so sick
after you hear my shit, you’re gonna swear that it is christmas
cyne on your wishlist cause we going the distance
you’re gonna be kicking yourself in the -ss if you miss this
on must!delicious, keeping your spirits lifted
the most gifted lyricist, no man against this
hugs and kisses from your wife and your mrs
we keeping them moist when they be hearing cyne sentences
never we finishing last, we outlast
surp-ss the rest of the cl-sses like outkast
put on your sunday best, getting ready to blast
i’m in the pulpit starting a m-ss. yo

[chorus: cise star] (x2)
stutter-stepping millennium while we sip a guinness
the representers—we finish while we kissing your women
we shine, glisten; you take a listen to what we hissing
the new edition of soul—i know y’all really feel it

[verse 2: cise star]
elegant fits of sk!ll put to marvelous beats
get you out of your seat, bobbing your head, and shuffling feet
nigga unique, got you sweating, gritting your teeth
my lyrical got you physical, generating some body heat
so maybe, probably, you should put on some more degree
cause the funk ain’t gonna be letting up when you coming to see
lyrical g energy, emanating epitome
i’m truly outrageous like [?] relying on synergy
wordplay kinetic, so you’ll never forget it
nigga, we edit out bullshit, keeping our merits
you talk about carats while i be spitting the outer limits
i’m thinking out of the box, ignorance gotta finish
you hearing these sentences diminishing many apprentices
neo genesis, new beginning of rhyme benefits
i’m cyne syndicate, moving into your tenement
keeping it diligent; your new neighbors forever ripping it
cultivating your new experience, gentlemen
so sit back, relax, take a listen and… yo

[chorus: cise star] (x2)