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cynic raps – quasimoto lyrics


write till my hands bleed
wallet empty where my pants be
tryna write my pain away
life can be demanding
wait everyday at the bus stop
thinking nothing ever gone change
ride the train and watch rooftops
thinking things gone never be the same
galaxies where we came from
mrs. ralis you raised a great son
started writing raps in the back of the cl-ss
waiting for that day to come
lost close friends gained some
feel like i can’t trust none
some things i can’t speak of
memories laid away in my trust-fund
20k on my mind-state f-ck you and your wrist-watch
people no that my sh*t knock tell a mof-cka i ain’t hip hop
write what i feel like my life isn’t real life
you down to earth i fly kites i’m bound to reach great heights
i stayed up my late nights i payed up my respects
people say i’m up next never cared about no checks
money money never cared about their version of success
swear they tryna k!ll our minds putting creativity to death
so f-ck it i made it i’m bout to be famous
don’t care what they sayin
they limits is h-n-s
if i fail a well victory’s painless
at least i tried to make my self not nameless
teenagers acting brainless my aim is to elevate to bigger stages
i’m tryna open up my mind cuz my head-space trapped in cages
i won’t let them crop me out the picture
give an authoritarian figure a middle finger
when we talked felt like god hit me on the ringer
but now that you’re gone i feel like a voiceless singer
is that’s love?
that’s question
thoughts in my head getting me trapped in depression