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cynic raps – spaceships lyrics


it’s been a couple months i just wish you’d hit me up
told me we’d never loose touch seems like we’ve just given up
it’s understatement to say i miss you very much
seems like i wasted my time with you now i’m low i luck
felt like never waking up
felt like never taking up
that space in my heart that’s vacant i hate it i hate it funny how i hate love
and we’re i’m from peoples personalities closeted
don’t love they self so they do the opposite
i keep breaking promises lie so much i forget what honest is
growing up to fast losing my morals as a consequence my vision clouded prolly need to see an optometrist i need to fix a lotta shit
and when i look in the mirror and i see my reflection
i don’t see any perfection
i love you but i don’t know if i’m moving in the right direction so how can i love you

spaceships don’t come equipped with rear view mirrors….

i slipped up messed around with the monogamous but only cuz her boyfriend wasn’t positive
i don’t take pride in that or in myself but i tend to act the opposite
a c-cky kid cuz if i don’t appear confident
my peers gone be knocking it i never cared about judgements i just want my dreams accomplished and
if appear weak that’s all lost and shit
in the night time i try pray but i tend to forget a lot
got lost in the days melting pot
get lost in the screenplays poorly written plot
i focus less i should try harder i act stupid even though i am smarter
i should act less act less love more tread new waters
i get stuck in cycles (but maybe)

spaceships don’t come equipped with rear view mirrors….