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czarface – when gods go mad lyrics


[verse 1: inspectah deck]
how i be rolling, holding my sword, lord i be zoning
going hard in the moment, only god can control him
i told ’em it’s not a game, show ’em, know how to flame
they broken, i got ’em smoking, he stroking a lot of dames
saying who the boss, stupid ’till you prove it, it’s talk
i’m anakin before the dark side—moving with force
of course ready steady winning the feeling
the rain heavy, confetti, bet he be toasting up
pepsi and henny, plenty before him had bored him
but all that saw him had soared him
he the king of the kingdom, forefront of the forum
scoring like i’m jordan, applaud and they support him
reflection of what they taught him, salute him in postmortem
don’t short him, don’t try, can’t play him
can’t stop him, don’t try, won’t phase him
the money, the broads, the cars, nah they don’t make ’em
the czarface part 2? that’s a bold statement

[verse 2: esoteric]
you’d rather sweat out a fever in liberia
with 50 men that fit the ebola virus criteria
with nurses dead in puke unprotected
infected area, ice-grilling isis while isolated in syria
now that’s a bold statement and it’s real
i find ’em all in infuriating
kinda like agents of s.h.i.e.l.d
with two bars k!ll your five man group
they got a three word vocab like “i am groot”
gimme tylenol and advil cause i’m violent of the head still
i silence all the devils when i’m wilin’ with the rebel
esoteric, i run rap like freestyling on a treadmill
i’m a giant with a pencil, modern science wants to stencil
you never get the calls and b-tch about how crooked refs be
your style’s pesky, like spelling mike krzyzewski
bars dumb/hot like a fox news anchor slut
hang it up, your hottest shit i trump it like gillespie

[verse 3: gza]
it was a concocted tale that was convoluted
lawmen and prosecutors heavily armed to shoot it
a storyboard that was rough and rugged and filled with splinters
courtroom colder than the alaskan winters
a wild dog bit the extended hand
exposed the secret world of a tormented man, d-mn
in this world, loose tongues are cut with razors
something major, inside the darkest corners of twisted behavior
the lowest and hottest places on earth
large pools of sulfuric acid marks the turf
giant land m-sses that pull away
a crack in the crust no trust and the k!llers are willing to pay
eruptions for years in lakes of lava
huge dome of rock on the block that’s from the plaza
the youth has risen to the challenge
cause the gr-ss isn’t green enough but its blades are sharp as talons