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czarifick – default dance song to make us famous lyrics


(first verse – fick)

they be like fick, can you teach me how to ficky?
cause your rhyme’s divine, and that green you roll is sticky
first pick overall so you know that i am heaven sent
you weren’t even good enough to be mr. irrelevant
f-ck with my intelligence? i will not embellish it
by yourself up in that room, consider me the elephant
back to that rappin’ tip, fick is just attackin’ it
sorta like christ, my conception is immaculate
but back to some facts man, hear is the basics
i can see clearly cause my third eye just had lasik
i stay sick, always spittin’ up blood
then i put it in my pen and on the paper let it run
yea thoughts run deep, you turn so sleek
22 years old, haven’t even reached my peak
on to that ficky dance, keep your body in a trance
arm so strong that your girl tried to grab my lance

(second verse – czar)

they be like steele, can you teach me how to cory?
the b-tches lookin’ at me on the floor they gettin’ h-rny
hoppin’ on the beat yea i can keep it corny
no deal i am scoring, why?, they say i’m boring
they say they are snoring when i am recording
there’s no money pouring, no mansion affording
no hands that are forming together are for me
now get to the story, h-llo, good morning
how are you doing? yea i hear ya booing
you are not pursuing so just keep it moving
hatred they are spewing, so i am concluding
the cory, the grooving, that i am debuting

(third verse – stevo)

they be like stevo, can u teach me how to steve?
you can find me aisle 9, publix labeled saltines
or you can find me in the studio tryin’ to act mean
itchin’ and sniffin’ out you p-ssies cuz baby i’m a fiend
tryin’ to do me… is a wise decision
why don’t you relay that over to my compet-tion
i’m on a cream roll baby, and i ain’t talkin’ ’bout food
and i don’t mean to be rude, just stay away from this dude
you can’t touch me when i come through, you know how i f-ckin’ do
an antique on display your home girl gets a view and then she knew that later
ooh baby ooh, time flew baby, flew
i left feelin’ cool and i ain’t dip in no pool
so you better jot some notes on my swag depicted
as you can see my chronicles are ridd-ckkk-ulous
man i been diesel you f-ckin’ weasel
oh now you’re gettin’ emo, go puff up u f-ckin’ cheeto, stevo