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czarifick – intro lyrics


(first verse – czar)

i’ve been stacking my duties, cuz i been mackin’ nice booties
while i be puttin’ kids to sleep just like a black & white movie
oh you a thug well i’m the judge, i’m rulin’ faster than judy
and tutti frutti motherf-ckers they be actin’ unruly
i’m debating who the best & i’m grading you an f
i’m an a+ with the b-ss & drums i’m facin’ any test
i’m the tutor when i’m talkin you be tapin’ every study
and just call up mr. dodson cuz i’m rapin’ everybody
these b-tches they provokin’ me, on facebook they be pokin’ me
i’m like no please i’m rolling deep with my homie
the only cronie grown from eve
all these seeds, what’s the point to grow to trees?
all they’re doin’ is just growin’ up to turn to smoke from me
then the smoke goes into my lungs & then i hold it
i control it i don’t cough until i blow it
now i’m so lit, i just poke it
and i throw it in the bowl for the disposing of the dro
and then i ex-hale

(second verse – fick)