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czarifick – mr. kubrick lyrics


i’m feelin’ so groovy, i think i’m feelin’ a movie
now what’s it gonna be, a comedy or somethin’ that’s movin’
i be desiring soothin, i’m feelin’ higher than cupid
a digital video disc is all i need to be chosin’
but it will need my approvin’, i don’t see nothin’ that’s stupid
yea only masterpieces, yea i think i’ll go with my kubrick
i get a bowl and i pack it & put in full metal jacket
the k!lling, k!ller’s kiss or spartacus, the earlier cl-ssics
the best of when he was young according to cory? paths of glory
but he found his niche with 20-01 & a clockwork orange
but it started with the move to london, dr. strangelove & lolita
god i hope i could have seen all of his movies in the theater
gotta round it up with eyes wide shut, the shining, i ain’t kiddin
that the best he ever did as a director? barry lyndon
there’s so many for the pickin’, you may say that i be smitten
but it ain’t the gold, it’s for the p-ssion that i’m diggin’