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czarifick – show & prove lyrics


(first verse – fick)

(second verse – stalagmite)

(third verse – bob•e)

(fourth verse – czar)

now welcome to the show, wanna know who ya gotta see?
me cuz i’m wreckin’ audio when i’m rockin’ beats
i’m possibly the best & i will chop you up like pasta beef
i’m constantly deleting all the futures of these rasta seeds
rockin’ you with thunder, i’m a giant you can call me keith
brooklyn in the house stand up, i’m not mockin’ thee
anymore you’re dee dee, this is dr. cory
out of the laboratory, it’s for me
when i scorn heat don’t ignore the warning
or i’li foresee your mourning i’m pouring
liters into beakers into speakers never boring
deploying you to sp-ce, you’re exploring i’m soaring
past you, when i blast you in the atmosphere it’s gotta hurt
bringin’ you the pressure get to checking the barometer
not alert, flow’s cold so i hope you got a shirt
no meteorologist, the amateur astronomer