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czarifick – the chief rockers lyrics


(first verse – fick)

(second verse – czar)

i came to charge like a rhino, i’m kinda hitchc-ck, kinda psycho
don’t mind me i’m finding vital veins i’m insane no recital
cory leave you sore like dino, i’m the sun and you’re albino
struttin’ cuz i know you’re nothing with my tongue i won the t-tle
the inventor the inflator i’m the center the equator
lunar crater creator, and i’m the major instigator
i’m the gator hater you’re a lower rank you are brigadier
dictator of the rangers with the power of grenadiers
blowing up, and sewing up your mouth so open up
now i’m going up, plateauing like i’m boeing when i’m rolling up
come one come all come on get this hit hot off the photo
press the best when i address and hip hop like a pogo
and i guess the rest are destined but i’m unsigned with no logo
i’m f-ckin’ rappers two at time, like they are bogo
no h0m-, i roto like engine i’m venting i’m jetting so let me begin
you’re sweating? upsetting, i was letting you win
gettin’ callices from mallets that i’m swinging’ on this catchy song
the castle i’m the master and i’m faster get to latchin’ on
and fasten up your belt, and make sure that your hat is on
tight with the p-ssion like i’m c-ssius now the match is on, fight
gotta play & rap it fast so i can get it past your sight
f-ck your silence smash a mime, i’m delighting asinine
you may think that i be wack, but i just rap to p-ss the time