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d-boss – trap line lyrics


you see, i just a call, now that mean it’s trap time
if you need that work then hit my trap line
asked her when we f-cking, she said anytime
ain’t no talking on the main, hit my trap line
hit my trap line, yeah, hit my trap line
when you want them thangs hit my trap line
hit my trap line, yeah, hit my trap line
these n-ggas rap about it, but they trap lying

[verse 1]
my crickett is steady jumping like the stock exchange
hit the rim shop, i need a stock exchanged
learning how to rap, it’s time to change the game
and she gave your boy the p-ssy for a newer name
when you playing in the streets it’s all on who you know
heard a n-gga hated on me, i just f-cked his ho
keep some inventory like a corner store
and i am not a pimp, but keep a couple hoes
my n-gga hit me up, asked me what the score
told him i was winning, i was up to fo’
and if you play another quarter it will change da score
i’m a spot a couple points, you already know


[verse 2]
yeah, never graduated, but i’m good with numbers
stopped and got some head when i was in the hummer
prices up and down, they changing every summer
and if that b-tch is bad i take her to bahamas
real respect the real and i don’t f-ck with fakes
this n-gga say he a player, but he player hate
i guess that n-gga mad cause i’m selling weight
or maybe cause i f-cked his b-tch the other day
my partner hit me up, he need a three-piece
told him time is the price, tewelve, we can meet
you know i hustle every day, that’s seven days a week
either i be counting money or i’m with a freak


[verse 3]
i play it how it go, i respect the game
i be slanging d-ck, neighbors know my name
ask about me in the streets, yeah, they know me too
she’s just some hype to me, but to you she boo
never worry about these n-ggas, i do what i do
and you ain’t gotta f-ck with me cause i don’t f-ck with you
and i don’t gotta f-ck with you because i’m self-paid
and i don’t gotta make it rapping cause i’m street paid
money over here, money over there
i’m already moving units, money everywhere
and i ain’t vouching for these rappers, they was never there
n-ggas ask me where i’ve been, i tell ’em everywhere