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d-dna – this could be you. lyrics


( verse 1)
so how’s it goin?
no serious, i’m not trollin
oh wait, i remember you don’t trust me
wow what a way to judge quickly
eventually i can gain your trust
but i know thats not something you can adjust
i respect that, and i won’t make a huge fuss
don’t want you to judge so quickly
so just please forgive me
i know your going through a hard time
talk to me and i’ll keep an open mind
your worried that i’ll make it worse?
and i’ll treat like it’s dirt?
well i’m sorry for you to feel that way
my apologies
well i guess i’ll go back to my technology
i’m not the person that you think of
i’m not someone who will see you hurt and shrug
i’m someone that’l help you
and throughout this thing, i won’t be rude
you and me will be looking away, at the sun
and there will be a ray, of sunshine between us
showing that our friendship will never combust
and that we will gain each other’s trust
we will get through these hard times
then we will go out, into the world, and shine

(verse 2 d+dna)
now i’m starting the conversation
telling you about the earbuds i got from raycon
i’m writing full sentences
and you just say 1 letter
now i’m feeling repentance
regretting the friendship that i had with you
all of a sudden, you start acting rude
and you’re always in a bad mood
now i realize, you don’t appreciate the friendship that we have
i thought when we first became friends you were glad
all you have been doing is making me mad,and then i started feeling sad
then i stopped texting you,all the time like i used to
well guess then who do i see
i see you regretting what u did
now your starting the convo with a blitz
now your writing full sentiences
then i start asking myself, what is happening?
then i get mad, then i say
you don’t notice when i’m here
and only when i’m gone, and i can see it clear
i don’t even want you to be here (2x)
now you can get out of my career