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d12 – swift freestyle (promo) lyrics


f-ck around and get smoked in this motherf-cker
f-cking around with swifty mcvay
d12 n-gga, what?

i’m treacherous, quick to rip the h-ll out your vest
n-ggas got some sh-t on their chest
i sn-tch it out in 50 seconds or less
show it your family and all the n-ggas that’s left
now it’s time for their death
i’m a walking sequel, i strike twice if you chattering
i k!lls your people then blow up the dead bodies, it doesn’t matter when
your time, it’s is happening
death so f-cking fast your life won’t even flash in front of your face
imma run in your place, make you quit rap
have you go running with murder ma$e
slowly dying, locked in the bas-m-nt and pray to grace
get sniped before you get a chance to state your case
see i’m that doper, in a br[?] to raise the stakes
like travolta, f-ck your -ss up and change your face
see my name’s swifty; it ain’t in me to change my pace
get your name erased, you get put in a coma place
in a cold -ss dumpster filled with waste
lyrical monster who love to snap, a b-st-rd case
when you see me, i’ll make it not even fun to rap
a black grenade: we the reason your guns go clap