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da brat – get it get it lyrics


“get it get it”
(feat. jermaine dupri, greg street, jadakiss)

[greg street]
greg street checkin in, the b-r-a-t
hey it’s time to get “funkdafied” all over again
it’s been a long time, but it’s go time right now

[jermaine dupri – echoing]
this is a, so so def, world premier
a world, premier
so so def, world premier
y’all know what this is!

[chorus: sung]
i’m just tryin to get it, get it, don’t worry about me
you need to take a look at yo’self
i’m just tryin to get it, get, no time to play around
you can take that {sh-t} somewhere else

[da brat]
yo! e’rybody wanna know about
what i do, when i do what i do, who what when where how
you, should know by now that life is unpredictable
i’m “unforgettable” like nat king cole
un{f-ck}wittable when i unload
“untouchable” as al capone
start duckin when i’m in my zone
when i bust these verses somebody better call some he-rs-s
i’m a homicidal (american idol) with a purpose
if i don’t murder what i recite, i’m worthless
why should i settle for just aight?
ain’t n-body ’round here in my life (nope)
n-body out here give me fright
so so def or give me life
toast it up to the most high, yeah
broke a lot of records, wrote a lot of best sellers
but i ain’t do {sh-t}, let you tel it
i’m the {sh-t}, bet you smell it
from the mountaintop, i’m gon’ yell it
made it over, been made over
been all over around the world, been laid over
my complaining days over
i don’t take nuttin for granted no mo’
those of y’all who can’t stand me there the do’
so walk the {f-ck} up out it
i’m ’bout it, if you ever doubt it
show your face when i’m rockin the crowd
any place, any time
at the drop of a dime i puts it down
get it how i gotta get it
cause i gotta get it while the gettin gettin good

[chorus – repeat 2x]

[jermaine dupri (jadakiss): over chorus]
uhh, get it
talk to ’em right now
uh-huh… (ayy)
take it somewhere else (ayy)
(ayy) yeah
(ayy – ha hah!)
bet y’all know what that means (nah)
‘kiss, holla at ’em

[jadakiss (dupri)]
this is about money then i’m widdit, i’m just tryin to get it
they got me goin hard in the paint on my pivot
the voice is unique, but the flow so exquisite
it’s one thing to talk it, it’s another thing to live it (ya heard?)
main man listen (uhh) game plan switchin
i hit the block and the booth with the same ambition (d-mn!)
i brought that house, i drove that car
my financial future is controlled by muah
i be v.i.p. in the club that you wait in line fo’ (me too)
only question i ask is what you worry about mine for? (uh-huh)
need to get your own, stop worryin ’bout what i signed for
reason you ain’t got nuttin now is you need to grind more (ehehehe)
need to take a look at yourself, maybe you’d find more
the impact i made on the game stronger than pine sol
yeah, dedicated and committed
don’t stop, never quit it, nah i’m just tryin to get it

[chorus – 2x]

[jermaine dupri – over chorus]
uhh, uh-huh
you need to worry about yourself man
stop worryin ’bout me
b-tch you know me
i’ve been tryin to get it
gettin it, and still tryin to get it, hehehe
brandon, take me out man
uhh, rock with me y’all [5x]
just keep goin man

i’m just tryin to get it, get it
i’m just tryin to get it, get it
get ittttttt, ohhhhhhhh
i’m tryin to get it

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