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daeshard – no hook lyrics


b-tch i am the leader
i dont shoot but keep me a heater
bout franklins like i am aretha
drop location i will come meet cha fareal
im bout that action what you gone do n-gga
im not the one to play with thats you
and if a n-gga try me he gone end up on the news cause we pealed his f-cking back blue
i be k!lling these n-ggas that be hating on me
you can google my name check the ratings homey
i got n-ggas in the street that’ll break you homey
so dont you ever try to play me homey
i was down for a minute but i had to get back
n-ggas trying to steal swag but they sh-t still wack
invested 3 hund got 3 thou back
(spent that) bought my mom a brand new bag
n-ggas talk that sh-t but foreal stay hiding
i got n-ggas on call sh-t text and they riding
and you can guarantee and bet they quiet
anything go down you can bet they silent
we moving bags from county to county
you play and we hunt you like we was some bounty
wiping yo nose like we was some downy
while we getting money you n-ggas is clowning
i ran it up with no cracked cards
im just me, dont gotta act hard
got shooters waiting in the backyard
thatll leave your body in a scr-pyard
these b-tches so nefarious
these hating n-ggas hilarious
if you f-ck with me my n-ggas put you in a vase… aquarius
i made it rain and i payed off her honda
she gave me head and i gave her a hunda
you give me a beat and im striking like thunder
my n-ggas sell crack i ain’t talking no plumber
you n-ggas can’t see me, like you stevie wonder
my weed is so sticky come straight from tijuana
my b-tch got on pink and i got on green and we was so fly no cosmo and wanda
i won the game, daeshard in all places
can’t think of names but recognize faces
versace shoes they ain’t got no laces
my n-ggas all eating we all say our graces
we stack that money and put em in cases
we k!llin n-ggas and dont leave no traces
all in her mouth like i was some braces
black and white g wagon how am i racist?
uh stack that money like lego
got shooters waiting in clay co
and they show out when i say so
need no hook and i mean that
we rolling joint no knee caps
straight backwoods we smoked 3 packs
we stay in the mall like its free tax
chilling in florida got condos in texas
i getting big like f-cking t rexes
yo b-tch on my phone she steady keep texting
but i am too busy i trap out the westin
2018 and im claiming my blessings
i ain’t come to play, my birthday in may
my n-ggas ain’t starving we all got a plate
and it’s not only me n-gga we all out of state

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