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dallas (rus) – bassguitar lyrics


every f+cking day,b+tch you have to pay
i will shoot your brain,what do you have to say?
b+tch i am going upstairs,i get stress
i got your b+tch,i got your cash
check my windows it’s fresh
check my b+tches they are in ash
heroin and your life are two different words
when you smoke you have to watch
i’m hungry but everything is fine
trench coat mafia in your house
your family is very loud
dead girl and drugs with her,i wanted to see how she died
your music is not bad, but still far from swagg
i am smoking blunts near the cottage
the b+tch next to me asks my age
she’s bad, she rolling my weed
red shirt, black jeans,life will bе sweet soon
i am writing you now and looking at the moon
my gang ain’t for b+tches so it’s full