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damjonboi – devils night 2 lyrics


big sb, you hear me?
what up d?
aye t f+ck these n+ggas
it’s up there

[verse 1: damjonboi]
n+ggas talking down on gang get his life took
get his wife f+cked, heard you out here with your ice tucked
i ain’t never had sh+t for real that’s why i like to brag
in the set by myself with 20 in a nike bag
n+gga don’t ask me bout to no hoes cuz i’m gon hoe you
on some real i’m up 100 i can show you
n+gga look at the d the wrong way someone gon blow you
i could tell you boys ain’t stacking let me show you
gotta a phone call i heard them boys want war
it’s gonna be kinda easy all them n+ggas poor
fell in love with chop strapped the drum on that b+tch
big crib with a mercedes parked in front of that b+tch

[verse 2: fmb dz]
hold on, who them n+ggas think they speaking on
get ’em peter rolled, in the coupe with my wife beater on
b+tches hitting the phone negging me that jit won’t leave me alone
you looking for a loan i got work b+tch i could put you on
you looking for some bos, pull yourself b+tch i might drop a load
brody from the zone, i was born and raised off plymouth road
doing b+tches bold, you f+ck with who i heard that n+gga told
you ain’t never slid, rapping bout she you ain’t never did
[verse 3: rio da young og]
i’m in detroit by myself with a 40 on me and a 40 on me
bet a n+gga won’t take nothing from me
a n+gga tried to rob me then he died, story over
6.2 super charged motor extra blower on me
aye jonboi lace me up i need a beat pack
pop a n+gga while he rapping we gon keep that as a beat tag
+++++ called city racks ain’t come with sh+t but they keep that
drunk a 12 and took a couple 30s went to sleep fast
i’m a flint n+gga but i’m certified on the east side
and the west side, 30 hanging out the tech 9
you be kissing all the hoes in the mouth, i don’t respect mine
you ain’t caught a body yet and i just caught a n+gga slipping it’s the 7th time

[verse 4: eastside reup]
i’m in the zone with all k!llers wish you would try me
i run the mob n+ggas look at me like john gotti
what’s in my bag b+tch i got like 20 bands probably
this dog neat but i keep all of my rolls sloppy
i’m lowkey off in this rental let your hoe top me
don’t play about this cheese n+gga i want all the brocoli
i’m in my bag, heavy percs can’t let a n+gga stop me
i turn around for fast money now the feds watching
bout a hundred in this room when its me and ri
add another 2 when you add jonboi and d
i switched my style 5 times n+ggas still copy
add 5 lines in this pop this sh+t gon have me knocking