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dandii sun – say something lyrics


hi this is rudy with the insecurity hotline
i’ll be advising you for the duration of this phone call
how can i help you today?
look, i want to reinsure you that here at the insecurity hotline
we only need to listen not judge
are you still there?
i know saying something to someone you don’t know isn’t always simple
so maybe we can start with something easy
say something
(what’s your name?)

[verse 1:]
say something
i’m well aware you have no speech impediment
tip of the tongue enthusiast
every word is relevant
say something
telepathically speaking
it’s weakening just say something
i’ll silence my logic to match your reasoning
say something
is everything kosher?
is everything fine?
i think i think illiterate
literally can’t read your mind
just say something
your vocal cords are currently tied
ties tied around your neck
all choke chains with a knot dandii
say something
oh i forgot you was a comedian
if you only say the word something
i’ll murder obedience
just say something
here’s the familiar pink shape
f-ck fate with the d-ck of destiny
i’ll piss it away
and as usual
you resemble a broken urinal
you will not take
robert slyvester kelly’s lane
just say something
just say something
don’t be afraid
i know you’ll worry about what they’ll say
but i am lost for words
cause i’m don’t know what i’m worth

if you just say something
then they’ll always know your name
if you just say something
i think they’ll never treat you the same
if you don’t say something
then they’ll never know your name
if you just say something
then they’ll always treat you the same
like a n-gg-

[verse 2:]
say something
you should attempt to say something
introduce courage to trust
and train something
force a conversation and have them exchange something
and if it’s world related
make sure it makes something
cause if it makes something good
it creates something
and from what it creates
make sure it relates something
cause if it’s world related
you’ll know it engage something
but knowing you
you’ll probably just go and hate something
see this is why your fans will never obtain nothing
but this is why if you say your name
you’ll change something
like if you say your name i bet they’ll like you
like if you wrote a song i bet they’d write you
like send a letter straight to your address
that address is how your music is the key to their survival
if you board the boat of confidence
dandii sun will have a sea
of compliments at your arrival
so i am lost for words
cause i don’t know what i’m worth


dandii sun
wow that really strikes my curiosity
tell me mr. sun
this is self esteem hotline
so how about we start with your perception of you
who is dandii sun?