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danexatort – redacted lyrics


i’mma take a nap and them i’m go and beat my meat
i don’t really like going out in the streets
they got lots of cars, snickers with the bars
pants on my legs, cars they go far

i’mma paint my ceiling… beige
godd+mn, paint my ceiling beige
i been inside, i ain’t seen the sun for days

i’mma eat a bag of chips, yeah, i’m talkin’ lays
i just took an epipen straight to my chest
i’mma eat some turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey breast
you know the rest

but i’m not finished, i’mma eat some spinach
i like the way that i’mma speak finnish

on a f+ckin’ unicorn, and i’m watchin’ p+rn
i’mma go and eat me some motherf+ckin’ p+rn
i don’t play with dolls, i’m barbecuin’
shoutout my grandfather and stefan hewitt

i’m on a boat, i’m in a moat
and it’s filled with lava, i’m eating cotton
cotton+eyed joe, b+tch, i’m mowing
i’mma need me a[?]
(what the f+ck did i just say?)
(i said “eating p+rn” again? i don’t… how the+how the f+ck…)

i been eating… my phone case
shout out spiderman, i’m doing jumping jacks
b+tch, call me jack, apple jack, in my pack
back f+cking pack, yeah, i got my f+cking notes

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