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dani shay – superheroes lyrics



i think about the days when we were young
and care free
we never even bothered to ask
who are we or who we should be
we just existed with no resistance
we were superheroes then
but times have changed
and wars are raging
underneath our skin
we’re dodging bullets and
holding ground
pushing, pulling and weighing down
what happened to that cape i used to wear?
is it out there?
is it out there?
and if you find it somewhere inside of me
help me find it because i should be flying
i wanna be a superhero again
and finish this war under my skin.
oh but, history has shown us
that when times are gettin hard
it’s time for us to grow and see exactly who we are
the morning after the storm
is always brighter than the rest
especially when you know you past your test
but the tests are only standerized

in little public schools
were they’ve given you all the answers
and prepared you with the rules
i don’t think life on earth is set up
quite the same
it’s every man out for himself
until we make things change
can we make things change?
so give me one thing
something please
just a glimmer of hope
i’m on my knees
i need to know that i’m not
that i’m not crazy
and if i am
then tell me now so i can
tie my cape to my straight jacket
and bow out
’cause i am not about to go down this way
no not the superhero
i guess i’m not the superhero

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