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daniel leka – death in paradise lyrics


tires screech outside. dude 2 stands up. there’s a small crash outside


voice: freeze!


the boy and dude 2 look at each other

dude 2 gets up but the boy pulls him down

the boy: wait

dude 1 kicks open the door. he raises his gun to fire. when

the boy: stop

the boy walks to him and takes the gun from him. he sets it down right in between them

the boy: i said i would like to drown. but first, i would like a moment

dude 1 and dude 2 stare at him as he walks out of the room

int. the boy’s room- day

the boy enters his room. it’s still an elegant mess but its different this time. next to the “hackz” flash drive is a sticky note. the boy picks it up and reads the four words:

you never came back

[no mouth emoji]

he looks at some tweets. he sees a white guy @nomouthemoji tweet ‘n-gga.’ he waits a second then refreshes the page. @xdubious says “cracker.” he cracks a smile

he gets up and walks downstairs

int. living room- day

when the boy walks in, there is n0body there. the gun is replaced by the boy’s phone. he hits the power b-tton. 3:22. the boy starts to walk when he smells something


he looks on the ceiling and two words are etched on the ceiling

roscoe’s wetsuit

the boy stares. his phone vibrates in his hand. the number is blocked and the text reads:

look in the backyard [purple devil face emoji]

the boy looks in the backyard. he sees dude 2 floating in the pool. floating in paradise

he’s wearing a wetsuit

…roscoe’s wetsuit

god d-mn it

——-[play song “life: the biggest troll” at this point]——-

death in paradise