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dank – dear lyrics



[verse 1]
h-llo dear, i’ve reached my biggest fear
lost in this world, you left me in the rear
sad but sincere, your everything real
smoke away the pain, wonder if kush can heal
i got, all the freedom world
sense you’ve been gone feel poisoned in a hole
can’t you see, i feel dirty like cole
a couple months back, felt rich like gold
your that rose that grew from the concrete
unique and beautiful, smart your complete
i dropped the ball, in this case i dropped the bomb
sad but not alone accompanied by the bong
to you i write this song, correct me if i’m wrong
don’t mean disrespect, but you gave the best dome

( yeah, she did)

[verse 2]
stop reminiscing and our past life dissin’
we always looked better with our two lips kissin’
pretend to be heroic on these days of war
knowing deep inside i’m dropped on the floor
you was clean never drink’d or inhale’d
wonder if my being high made this sh-t dwell
i quit for you but d-mn that dank taste well
why should i stop if we go all to h-ll
that’s the question, i’m looking for the answer
is love real? going back through our highlight reel
i don’t know what you feel
think of you every time i light up and chill
but i don’t chill, i’m always stressin’
sense you’ve been gone i noticed your a blessin’
got caught up in the game, your head started messing
what should i do know, everybody’s guessin’