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danny berno – bar kwotes 4 lyrics


this the day for the evil beings halloween
find me spotted up in four towns aberdeen
split ya spleen i’m f-cked up left the scene obscene
i’m in between your nightmares this torture unforeseen
the crime did with a purge mask american dream
emanc-p-ted these holidays they kinda dated
boy quit with the tough talk it’s fabricated
rest -ssured i’m the real light you illuminated
plug start with brick talk i’m stimulated
ghana boy with the limp walk we ain’t related
used to be where them saka boys was allocated
double c’s we swiped trips and negotiated
what you know about money deals and operations
what u know about country meals in sleek locations
new generations – social media fascists, few delegations – academia clashes
i’m on fire you can’t out this glow
custom made with the timbs on the color of snow
never follow trends i maintain the status quo
clever fellow the words feign a real life yobbo
imma do this sh-t ma way – frank sinatra
my white boy feeling edgy – jeffrey dahmer
gangster b-tch the mask on she kick sonya
the story views don’t match the likes i see you vultures
uh relapsed with the bars bootstrap and applause boxcars in the palms
weed jars and rapport, dance floor with the broads furthermore
i adore the 4 4 for the cause vigor set for the war
uh ma conscience protecting me
shenanigans their handshakes don’t match the energy
make believe the mindset of a goon from sicily
big money charts don’t mean its quality
face tats rappers you gon fade so sparingly
the game need spitters with righteous delivery
they lack creativity why they ad lip excessively
and no you can’t have my auxiliary your tracks boring me
h-ll with your luxuries cos you not as real as me
chi chi -ss n-gg-s it’s time to halt your trickery
ma name ring bells in ya head i told you that already
bar quotes 4 the rest is history