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danny brown – sweeney song lyrics



[verse 1:]
nine out of ten of these rap n-gg-s is play-doh
i say ‘go,’ n-gg- spray yo whip like mayco
you got that yayo for the low
you’d swear that kanye was here, the way they say ‘where the ‘ye go?’
my flow strong like it’s on that sh-t canseco on
i don’t eat rappers, i box ’em up like take home
get straight dome, from a bi b-tch
i don’t know her name, but told her girlfriend to switch
and the lyrics called lazarus the labyrinth
hazardous material that’s oh so immaculate
accurate position when i spit this sh-t is calculus
hard n-gg-, and that was bars n-gg-
i’m off them xannie footb-lls n-gg-
swisher on buck, kush ups till i fall n-gg-
too high to f-ckin’ talk, that’s why i never call n-gg-
your b-tch keeps textin’ and she want it all, n-gg-

and i got two on a brew
let’s go cup for cup ’til that motherf-cker through
and i got five on the bag
before you toss that square, can a n-gg- get a drag?
and i used to spend late nights starin’ at the ceilin’
pitch black dark but i had that feelin’
vision of killin’ n-gg-s, being labelled a villain
because these labels p-ssed, imma make these n-gg-s p-ss

[verse 2:]
late nights searchin’ on websites for victims
f-ck doin’ features, you n-gg-s compet-tion
got your -ssistant on a blunt run
give her stomach blows ’til i puncture her lungs
and this some n-gg- sh-t i f-ck with
in my spare time but they can’t f-ck with me in my mind
used to be humble, now i’m feelin’ c-cky
cuz all these b-tches ride it like a f-ckin’ kawasaki
and these rap n-gg-s see my face in their dreams
their worst f-ckin’ nightmare, wearin’ f-ckin’ skinny jeans
wakin’ cold sweat, my reflection in the mirror
put a curse on the freshman ten, watch how it end
dropped outta highschool at sixteen
bout the same time as the wu dropped ‘ice cream’
arguin’ with fiends, starin’ at the screen
watchin’ rap city like ‘it was all a dream’
spent my last three bucks on the source magazine
hip-hop shop where n-gg-s was battling
but i was writin’ sh-t in my f-ckin’ composition
knowin’ one day i would have these critics trippin’
sayin’ that n-gg-s, ‘imma be the future’
new type of rap, this ain’t what you’re used to
push this sh-t f-ckin’ forward
focus on the music, so the people would support it
a load on my shoulder, feel the whole world
me and my goal watch my plans unfurl