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daquan mebane – false lyrics


false (hook)

false prophets
misleading the feeble minds and altering space and time
the blind leading the blind what a waste of time
what a waste of minds
not all role models
are role models
now i see why cole don’t got em
many men you believe deceive and are slaves to greed
in-turn when you mimic t you your self are a gimmick
you can’t be trusted false prophets only after a profit
celebrities with felonies yall flock and hail to these
wanna imitate em to every degree except those with diplomas
the rich and arrogant in charge meet your president
these false prophets bold and not hesitant
they not hesitant

note the traits of a false prophet

false (hook)

false idols give false hope
while the real walk a tight rope
shed light and expose em they claim god choose em
but guess what
superman man its doomsday meet your doomsday on tombs day false prophets so sidious don’t allow them to possess you insidious or the outcome will be hideous

false prophets
wolves disguised as sheep
to lure in the meek and weak and ensure they become obsolete they use them and abuse them
then consume them
the consumer is indeed consumed by the elite
friend or foe you never know
these false prophets everywhere
and they really don’t care about you or me
beware when you on top they swarm to you
at the bottom they don’t really feel you
matter of fact population control they may even wanna k!ll you
if they get that urge to purge its a fine line between sane and insane these false profits got a disorder in the membrane
central cortex done warped into a vortex
or maybe they smart low key
and mastered the art of deception while staying discreet
maybe its a little bit of both
but you’ll find out if when you meet just don’t fall victim