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dark fortress – passage to extinction lyrics


burning, i’m burning. flames are dancing around me
the sky is red and white. but strangely so i feel no heat
and then i realize i have died

there is no flesh to be seared. in this realm of fire
in unmeasurable pillars of flames towers of charred and blackened bone
on the horizon a great beast is flying a dragon with seven heads

in a realm of fire – the beast is coming closer – in a realm of fire

like a choir i hear the screams of the endlessly tortured souls
a cruel hymn to the nightmare that is coming
as if their only reason for existence was to praise this wicked terror
and with eyes aflame the dragon touched the fiery ground
with the instinct of years of battle i reached for my blade, but it wasn’t there
after all only my spirit had entered into this realm of fire

(the speech of the wh0r-)
“welcome to where spirits burn, this place has uncounted names. h-ll or hades, nifelheim, this is the abyss eternal
i am as old as the race of man. i have seduced the first king and became the first queen
i have charmed emperors and lords throughout all times

i am what a thousand hearts adore
the seven-headed wh0r-

you, my sweet mortal are to be my chosen one
i will send you sailing on oceans of time and fate
where the worlds collide you will ride
and your first gift shall be immortality

i am what a thousand hearts adore
the seven-headed wh0r-

return to earth now, your flesh has regrown
and your heart has now been shaped into a heart of stone…”

(the vortex of stars in the black night
that brought me here again surrounds my spirit and i feel like i am falling…)