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dark lo – funeral muzik lyrics


[verse 1: dark lo]
f-ck that, k!ll everybody

lil bro locked up
baby moms knocked up
my close friend shot up
world full of stress
fell then i got up
sucka n-ggas not us
philly so hot, make you wanna shoot a cop up
go ahead n-gga cop up, i’ma hold the block up
first n-gga play, walahi he getting glocked up
now the n-gga boxed up, ridin’ to a ditch
50 cars and back, he got caught up in the mix
when he shot n-ggas, and he thought he was invincible
he a dumb n-gga, he don’t know about the principles
they should’a taught him, back street, caught him
gave him everything, out the clip of that 40
i was a shorty, used to cop quarters
kept a tre-eight, send you through rigamortis
you n-ggas scoreless, i’m up by a hundred
best shape of my life, tell me who want it
question for a body, won’t tell ‘em who done it
i f-ck her real good till she feel it in her stomach
i was the youngest, running with the ogs
giving n-ggas wiggys, fall back you don’t know me
ar, he really run philly
i’m standing right next to him, two mac milly’s
hit you in the chest, you do two back wheelies
n-gga we up next, ball hard no achilles, wow
this that her-oin sh-t
you might get addicted n-gga stick to the script
lil white tee, seven jeans, fresh kicks
fresh cut guarantee your chick on my d-ck homie
i used to go to store for n-ggas
got a little older now i pick a war with n-ggas
catch him while he slipping, sig sauer n-ggas
talk real sl1ck something like a lawyer n-gga, yeah
i got one for the three
prolly gucci down, my b-tch in louis v
if sh-t get tight i’m going out like cool c
but i’m weighing up zones nothing like a two three, get it
play your cards or let your hands fold
my chick on standby, tights on [?]
ever since my mans died, long clip rambo
i’m up by a landslide, the strip where the grams go