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darkside – caress of the sleeping giant lyrics


” uh,…how pale you are, as the moonlight caresses your face through the hourgl-ss… drink the wine, dying and
divine… as a feast of pleasure and pain let us celebrate this last step towards eternity… i see rosy shades gliding
through your face – the colour of love, l-st and desire… stretched on your blanket of white satin, so young, so innocent,

pain without end
as you p-ss away
all your beauty is lost
in the flaming chalice of pain

as the fire glows
suck your tears
from your face
you can feel the touch of sin

as i bring to you the embrace of death
burn with me
through my eyes

“…walk with me the cliffs of the night as the moon stares down like a drunken
“…deliver me from this madness, fulfill my desires and stop me from…
wh-r- to witness the ultimate act of incantation, a feast of l-st and pain, as i
i kill… i kill… and kill again, to satisfy my needs, to create myself anew and …
create pleasure, evil pleasure and you…”
saturate my gods commands…”

in madness
suffer just suffer
pleasure in death

l-st turned into death
beyond my caress
with a razorblade kiss
on the edge of chaos and pain

and the moonlit sky
taste of flesh
on my skin
as i tear your rose apart

burn with me

through your pain
delight on my face as you faint
exploring your thighs with my blade
sing with me
dance with me
this last waltz
before your pain exceeds
and the act of grace will be done