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darkskin hero – 4 am in avalon lyrics


(verse 1)
life or death n-gga what you gonna choose? (choose)
my bullets send n-ggas to the end zone like victor cruz (blrrrr)
f-ckin with the hero and my n-ggas lettin loose (lettin loose)
shotgun sh-lls to your face and you won’t make the news
if you a p-ssy then i’ll put you on a diss track (what else)
if you p-ssy well i ain’t easy to distract (what else)
if you a street n-gga i’ll put you on a t shirt (t shirt)
i’ll hit you from all different angles like my names kurt (blrrrr)

warner n-gga
i won’t even warn a n-gga (i won’t)
have you leakin out your chest on that corner n-gga
warner n-gga (corner n-gga)
i won’t even warn a n-gga (nah)
have you leakin out your chest on that corner n-gga

(verse 2)
i just bought a new gun with a drum n-gga (llrrrrrr)
i told your shawty treat my d-ck like some gum n-gga (gum n-gga)
like 6ix 9ine said i ain’t no dumb n-gga
i fl!cked my tongue n-gga
made your b-tch c-m n-gga
gun charge, drug charge yeah i beat it n-gga (yeah i beat it n-gga)
i did the dash on that hoe before i skeeted n-gga (before i skeeted n-gga)
don’t try to rap with me cuz i’m undefeated n-gga (never lost n-gga)
i’m a baller so i spent my check at neiman n-gga
neiman marcus, balmain, and versace carpets
you can find me on the web like i’m charlotte
and all i rock is blue when i be on slaussin
and i always got green on me like boston (boston)
you n-ggas lyin in your raps you don’t pop no xannys (nah)
in the hood i’m a phantom that’s why they call me danny (danny)
when you see police all you n-ggas sing like annie
ya mans scared i’m hearin two different things like yanny (hahaha)
got the money on my mind like snoop in ‘93
if i stand up on my money i’m like 90 feet
i saw your b-tch and she was basic like a 90’s beat (d-mn)
i do your mans real greasy like i’m from crete
adhd that n-gga ain’t f-ckin with me (nah)
if he talkin sh-t the chopper leave him 6 feet (blrr blrr blrr)
like scarlxrd man you n-ggas better not sleep
i’m strapped up for any lil n-gga want beef
shout out mac 10, he made this beat
lebron in 2010, i’m bringin heat (bringin heat)
i f-cked your b-tch way before you she think i’m sweet (sweet)
if you want smoke you can see me in the streets (see me in the street)