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darryl pandy – sunshine & happiness lyrics


like a beacon on the ocean, you guide my way
you replace that empty feeling, whats left to say
you just smile in times of darkness, that lights my day
bringing joy inside of sorrow, on a holiday
like a flower blooms in spring time, sweet and complete
making my life worth the living, you set me free
a ray of light you shine so brightly for all to see
in the midst of stormy weather, you c-mber sea

you are my sunshine and my happiness (4x)

in the middle of the evening, i’m all alone
cuz im thinking bout you baby, i’m dying of cold
searching and im always finding, the joy you bring
cuz you’re patient through the hard time, that makes me
many times within my weakness, you gave me strength
i give thanks for what you’ve shown me, you’re heaven
in the morning when i wake up, you’re on my mind
need to tell you what i’m feeling, you’re so divine

you are my sunshine and my happiness (8x)