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dash the baptist – moving on lyrics


dash the baptist jus came back from the china, big bros now a man they say no more minor
its a case of the lovebug no designer, see the face on the humbugs dont provide us
satisfaction when they wine in dinners, dont make rules to relatiions that define us
who knows could have been us in those recliners
we moved on but sometimes you open blinders

so do we just forget, pretend we dont exist, move on and through times when memory
fl1cks, memory tricks we say it was doomed to this, a mistake a p-ss take but 3 remakes?
the signs she swear it was all fake, she dons drake dates a drake but a drakes a drake
take you back all the way to breezy, this no mona lizzie no sleezy no easy peesy, leave me

truth is what i did was f-cked up
to the point other chick got her knocked up
i knocked up on her door said id knocked up
i mucked but i bucked up but the buck stops
explanations how i really messed
different strand call it steka
kids would hang hang severed from theneckup
good intentions all, i swear to the mecca

mistakes happen i hope you dont repeat
i see you absent on his social wait dont press delete
seems a good guy jus dont press repeat
dont obsolete soon before your box he eat
dont be boxing in cos i had you fostering
ive got issues girl you tried but the monsters in
my moc-ssin i wear it proud memories lock us in
press release relax hear the sound of the mandolin