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davethewizard – ye&kim lyrics


pls don’t be like them
every time you fall from grace i’ll be here with a hand
you hate when i put you in songs cus you get followed by my fans
i don’t give you poker face so i don’t understand
why you can’t just keep it real with me though?
but you gone call if you trouble
lookin for love but love ain’t home
i’m a air sign can’t live in bubbles
why would i care that but a clone
30 full days to make this album
5+6 years to feel the pain
24 months it’s been no contact only if i could forget your name
f+ck a b+tch i need my money, they come and go like a new whip
block my page cus i ain’t coming word to dead b+tch i ain’t him
and the problem is i’m kanyе but b+tch you was never kim
i gave my all so i ain’t humblе and i live above the rim
city i’m from just like a jungle that the world wanna see on film
work too hard to fall for nothing, do my whole gang wanna see me win?
do they wanna throw me a life jacket? or would n+ggas rather see me swim

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