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david gentello – love lyrics


hold it back down
hold me back now, give me some time
you just want love
just tell me you strong, i won’t let you down
baby come up (baby come), you say you want love
now you kept it down
don’t you come up
don’t come short, don’t come short

i leave you now, i take my time, but you like mine
i smoke that weed, you like that smoke, you join me, please
we s+xing now, right on the bed but we switching in

into my heart, into this high, into

baby, don’t you get that? that you shud be there for me
you say that we shud marry, even gavе you all the time that you need
you holding back, you holding back, it’s time to just lеt it be
but why wud you run away?
don’t want me? don’t want me? would you try with me
you just want me, you just said it’s true
am the one please, for real
i can get you wet, can you get me near
making all this trill for you
yes this time is hard, can’t get into my mood
but i can change this life, that’s true

that’s true that’s true that’s true
baby you wet, baby one love
baby come to, me
to me to me
to me to me (to me)

baby only one love



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