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dawgg – tormented (skit) lyrics


girl: oh my god, what you doing christopher?
dawgg: i am gonna torment ya… just picking the right tool… oh yeah… i know what to use… what about the rack
girl: what’s that?
dawgg: you don’t know history… it’s a torture tool that those back years ago would use
girl: what it do?
dawgg: ha, you lie on it and get tied up and it stretches you til your body parts lose it’s contact to your body… it just basically pulls you limb by limb… it’s a good dismembering tool
girl: oh god… oh please don’t
dawgg: hey b-tch, you already on it… ha
girl: oh my god… oh god… please… don’t… i am begging you
dawgg: ha… b-tch… get ready to feel your bones break, ha (echos to the 66 day track)