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de lux – oh man the future lyrics


oh man the future…

oh man the future
it’s coming a lot sooner…

flying cars
higher buildings
world war 4
u.s civil war 2027
made in usa prints on china’s tupperware
north korea somehow destroys itself
oh man the future!

chips in our brains
pay via thought process
no jobs
no money
everything is free
one man or woman at the top
oh man the future!

oh man the future
is coming a lot sooner…

oh man the future!

it becomes okay for the white man to say vinegar
black people are over it
except for right now
the oppression has been forgotten
religion is dead
everyone is logical but they don’t know why
oh man the future!

social networking
replaced by social interaction
virtual reality becomes sub reality
people make money off of being good at a life in a virtual game
oh man the future!

humans have evolved into humans with way less hair, more brain power and weaker bodies
we become what we thought to be aliens
but we realize we are the aliens
oh the future!

oh man the future
is coming a lot sooner…

39 more u.s. presidents until a woman finally makes it into office
not that it’ll matter
’cause a year later a revolution happens and the war for hunger and poverty ends
the government is destroyed
oh man the future!

people create drugs to trick the body into thinking it’s getting the nutrients it needs to survive
food no longer necessary
oh man the future!

resources are replaced with drugs
the drugs are the resources
and the chemicals become the resources in order to create the drugs
oh man the future!

new diseases emerge
the higher up people don’t give a sh-t
who the h-ll are they anyway?
why don’t they ever say anything about themselves?

my friends start dying
oh man i die
oh man the world dies
oh man the future!

and as i say all this i p-ss off the buddhist on the comer of hollywood and highland
not that i would hang out there…
oh man the future!

oh man the humor
is coming a lot sooner

oh man the future
is becoming a lot cooler

oh man the future
without ferris bueller

say goodbye to your favorite movie stars!

oh man the future
is coming a lot sooner

lots of people seem to be trying to do what others are not doing
but then it will just switch
since everyone is trying to do what everyone is not doing
then it turns into what everyone is essentially doing
and then people will just start doing what other people actually are doing
but consciously aware of it
and approaching it in an artistic manner rather than obviously following the trend
and to even to determine who is actually accomplishing this is very difficult
’cause since everyone is doing it
it’s harder to prove
oh man the future!
the future!

and i hope when we’re old
we won’t be so alone
in a cave stuck in sp-ce
just a chip in your brain

oh man the future
is coming a lot sooner

personal satellites to get rid of cell phone bills
customizable babies
genetical dimensioneering
extremely fragrant weather changes
australia lowers its gravity
tesla creates a giant ladder to the moon
oh man the future!
archaeologists discover facebook