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deal casino – calidus (live) lyrics


in front of her, in the back of the car
she laughs, as i bend my arms
i was so high, she shot me down so bad
ripped me apart, i need my peace back
my gun, my gun, give me a reason
my gun, my friend, you’re gonna need one
you hold still and keep your bed warm
the judge sleeps in my top drawer
c+cked back and loaded, ready to shoot
maybe, tonight, love, i’ll give it to you
my gun, my gun, well, i’ll give you freedom
my gun, my god, you’re gonna need one
you wanna hold me down to see how i react
you wanna have control, give me my bullets back
it’s my gun, it’s my gun, but i’ll make you famous
such a peach with such a bruise
would give it up to get to you
changing color and disguise, feels rotten still inside
sugar on ice, served up tonight
her stomach ache, your paradise
blueberry pop is all for fun
blueberry pop feels good until you’re done
baby girl, just lyin’ in pain
her innocence stripped away
it’s not her fault, it’s not her shame
she’s lyin’ there in the mess you’ve made
cause it always hurts
just let it bleed
don’t let ’em see you cry
it’s k!llin’ you to let it go
your red balloon won’t fly
oh, it won’t fly
but now i’m getting scared
it’s runnin’ out of air
you can take the knife to my throat
the barrel to my skull
just leave my red balloon alone
turn down the lights, so we look the same
all this time’s gone by, but no one’s changed
we were so alive, and we didn’t know
we can’t get it back, but i’m not lettin’ go
(and it always hurts)
but i’m not lettin’ go
(just let it bleed)
don’t let ’em see you cry
it’s k!llin’ you to let it go
your red balloon won’t
my gun, my gun, give me a reason
my gun, my friend, you’re gonna need one