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dean brody – angelina lyrics



casperella island, you were working at the boat house
started just for fun but we wound up gettin kinda serious
now summers come and leavin baby and taking you with it
the trunk of your car and bottle chimes clanking in the wind
so i’ll spill my heart one last time on this old guitar

angelina, i’m gonna miss your sun kissed face
freckle smile, soft eyes and your daisy chains, how you made my world come undone
angelina, maybe you’ll be back again someday
if what you left behind was really love
yeah oooo angelina, yeah

take my memory with you, how i held you on the old pier
lanterns on the water your head on my chest bon fires in the salt air
its cold in chicago baby and you just can’t get warm enough
i’ve been fishing down on ocean road hoping you might show up
cause you’ll know where to go when you get that ache in your soul
yeah you will


oooo angelina yeah

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