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deau x. boy – joog lyrics


different summer, same hood
need a come up, gotta find me a jugg
i gotta
i gotta find me a joog
i gotta find me a joog


verse 1:
know some n-gg-s with traps
know some n-gg-s with church’s
hit kod on monday
blow the check from the sermon
gotta glo up one day
pockets can’t keep hurting
should i stick with the 16s
or move the bag like birkin
it’s a dilemma like kelly and nelly
i wanna buy whips for my n-gg-s like fetty
it come when you need it
i feel like i’m ready
don’t wanna fit in, just wanna get in
might kick down the door if these n-gg-s don’t let me
to see me set up
man, i know it upset you
my mom always told me she knew i was special
big homie told me i had the potential

who got the work

verse 2:
now i’m in that self checkout
cause im tyrnna run them bands up
so many giffy’s on me
i can’t even hold my pants up
i brought my n-gg- with me
cause i had to hook my mans up
hope he don’t f-ck the plan up
by doing something random
when my phone ring know thats a jugg
como estas, you like the price, come meet the plug
now im draped in ice
if it get too hot imma cause a flood
got me feeling like mitch
bbss with the kit
dj yelling name when i fall in the club

hook x2