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debilepski – patty cake remix lyrics


saw this guy called token on youtube and i thought yeah he’s pretty dope
people say he’s the next eminem but i’ll just have to say right there nope
but i’ll have to be better so i got him locked straight into my rap scope
til all my flows become better and bubbly more like a dope piece of soap
but then look at all the accolades when i roll like rollerblades play like the ace of spades
got you staring at my parade when i come and crusade and break down all of the barricades
with no aid with straight pure grade got you queezy white like you are just mayonnaise
i take the p-ss yet i take no shade and i’ll hack you off and jack ya cause i’m the jack of all trades
but i’m scheming world domination and that’s the only operation that i’ll be accolading
til i own a whole nation in a salvation location with a little rap workstation
and i’ll drink liqour for celebration no weed bad combination hey debilepski with that education
don’t mix you don’t have the authorisation just for cl-ssification i won’t do collaborations
see me and rap are just so eloped
got the power you just cannot cope
got your eyes wide open like you on c0ke
but i’m buzzing come and take a toke
now don’t confuse my confidence for c-ckiness yes i’m an -ssh0l-
rap is my b-tch got it whipped to my side like a l-sso
people hating on me for one reason, they think i’m bashful
but even they have to admit i’ve got a pretty crazy rap flow
to be honest i don’t really give a sh-t what you motherf-ckers think about my rhymes
i’ll only be writing em for me because i just don’t got any f-cking time
to be rapping for dudes who think that originality just comes from your tiny mind
but it comes from the heart is that statement such a motherf-cking crime
no but i gotta drop it down low
so you can understand gotta go slow
but if i speed up the pace then would you motherf-ckers be able to keep up man i really don’t think so
just because you got a tongue and lungs it really doesn’t mean that you can keep up with me you ho
you’ve bitten off more than you can chew but i guess that your dumb -ss already knew that sh-t though
all the motherf-ckers be thinking i’m stupid cause they just don’t want to see me up my game and put on a show
i think i need to speed up this beat a little bit faster you collapse pee yourselves out of laughter cause i’m the master
at spitting wack sh-t and make it sound like i’m way p-ssed ya but be sounding like a rap version of the drum and b-ss father
but rather than dropping heat i’ll be dropping f bombs like i don’t give a f-ck about you b-tch go and get a plaster
if you get a little b-tthurt from these rhymes i’ll be spitting just to prove that i’m a god and your master
now i know that i’m not the best i just like to think that i’m close
i like to believe that i can do this i got the sk!lls to be pure dope
become legendary like 2pac and nwa on the scene of west coast
til i rap like my name is jesus and off into the top of the charts you’ll be seeing me float
these idiots be looking at me like patty cake patty cake patty cake woah
patty cake, be looking up at me saying man debilepski you just take the cake woah
but i’m gonna batter you to make some dough sugarcoat ya and then fold
over to make sure i can rise stronger and come out golden and i’ll glow
put a cherry on top, got this sh-t on lock, you think i’m gonna flop but nah you’re wrong
ima become the greatest til i cop the top but until then ima never f-cking stop
i understand that my att-tude isn’t the best but i’m better than the rest
shots fired you gotta wear a bulletproof vest got the lyrics locked in my chest
i’ve got infinite lung capacity, it’s a necessitie it’s also a very simple recipe
i don’t need air when i’m rapping because it don’t hurt me you best believe
but don’t decieve this you gotta believe this i’m conceding so much meaning
even though i’m rapping about pure sh-t i know that i’m worthy deeming
come back with an attack of wack push ya back til you fall and collapse
getting on your back like a jetpack and hack into your internet chats
tell you to share this video or i’ll be coming back to attack your cr-p
i’m obviously a heavy burden on ya shoulders so they call me a backpack
hah, nah, i guess that at this rate i’ll never be able to grow up i’ll be sixteen forever
but yah, i guess at this rate i’ll also never be famous i’ll just be useless forever
but as long as i’m having fun i don’t give a sh-t i’ll be doing this sh-t forever
yes i rhymed forever with forever cause you know the word forever always rhymes with forever
i only rap fast when people wanna believe it
when they say they wanna see it, when they wanna conceive it
they say they wanna see it because they ain’t believing
believing that i’m not conceding any meaning
but meaning to concede for you to be believing
that i’m a god you dreaming, make believe and
now we’re agreeing that i’m mad with anything rap
and i do everything at the best of my ability
it’s relieving to be seeing that josh’s greeting
is complete mastery and he’s beating the keyring
to the key of rap immortality and screaming about his dream and
are you now only deciding to be believing?
oh that’s okay cause now we’re in agreement
cause at first you were a non believer
cause you thought that i only smoke the reefer
you don’t even understand that i got the upper hand when it comes to spitting these bars
you can’t even comprehend that i’m just a legend when i’m chilling with the stars
know you’re just a b-ll-nd and unworthy of being taken note of
cause the way i see it and the way everybody else sees it you just a motherf-cking r-t-rd
see when it comes to bars man i got a h-lla
you’ve got a misconception of what bars are cause trust i’m better
thank you