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decemberance – rain lyrics


the rain begins
through the gl-sses of ignorance i observe
the raindrops on the window
small rivers flowing in the cold pane
like the crevices on my hands…
the dead are breathing beneath their graves
floating inside the minds, of those left behind
in a beautiful yard of lies…
sometimes i think i’m not part of this world
a silly audience in a comedy, clapping my hands
without reason
some other times i’m like an actor in the same sad play
praying for an end
winter is searching for it’s lost melodies
it’s like a loved one is gone
and you don’t want to
maybe you scared more than you promised
maybe you offered fear more than you should
maybe you didn’t catch the f-cking time
..and you just don’t want to..
pretending of being joyous
pretending of standing strong
pretending of living
yes, carrying a strange cross!
but still the rain falls
still the adherences remain
memories of the past
past so old.. almost ancient
and everytime it comes.. kissing the scars inside
oh god help me!
and so my truth remains inside
a thrown mask in the corner…