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decline – oh fuck lyrics


well any action is justifiable when condoned by such a
being, above the law, above it all.
above any human ent-ty of power, above all right and
wrong, above the law, well f-ck it all.
do you believe that you were sent to change the world?
to show others the light, to praise the right and
cleanse the wrong?
i don’t believe such a being can help you sleep at
this might come as a fright
i’d tear it down, your laws and conversation.
exaggerate and justify your lack of truth.
i don’t believe that such a being would condone the
things you do…
with god as your excuse.
i can’t believe i let you brainwash me for all this
and i can’t believe i fell for all the lies you told.
hypocrisy once had control; your fascist ways once took
their toll,
but now. i’ll fall for this no more!
to bow to an authority, based on such lies and
you’re backwards burning witches like it’s 1643.
miracles and acts of god? like missionary culture
i stand to question that.
i’d tear it down, your lies about creation, seminal
castration of the basic rights and now;
it’s taken 2000 to stand, and you ask why? because the
blind, don’t question anything!
is corruption, so essential, when dealing with a
subject of such grace?
if your actions, are of your “saviour” should they not
benefit the whole human race?
your unaccepting ways and your persecutive att-tude
will eventually destroy you and outweigh the good you
try to do.
correct and punish all you like but you’ll never find
the truth,
because as divided, separated parts we all can only
stand to lose.
it’s time to look around because you’re not the only
a million others and you’re causing pain.
it’s time to look around because you’re not the only
a million others and it’s not the way.