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deer tick – electric lyrics



i need you to make me proud
i need electric to play it loud
but i don’t need your sympathy
i’m just a player in your kings and queens

i don’t want to lose my sight
i don’t want to fight my fight
on a big screen tv
i don’t wanna burn your money

i need you to get me by
i need electric to get me high
but i don’t need your friendly smiles
i’m just the bricks and you’re the miles

i don’t want to live like you
and i don’t want to know your truth
but i’ll always do my thing
but you have me on your string

i need you to make me shout
i need electric to drown you out
but i don’t need all of your words
i am sound, you can’t be heard

i don’t want to waste your breath
i don’t want you to forget
i’m the problem, you’re the test
i can’t hear you, none of these

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