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dehko – infinity – 2.0 lyrics


i’m rich then a f+ck i’m rich then a b+tch
i go everywhere pocket full of dog sh+t
i got every pair of mike amiris all drip
buss down kit i’m a walking talking brick
still ah send a blitz tell em pull up with a stick
pull off in a foreign hit the h+rn at yo b+tch
walk inside the club every hoe wanna pic
i’m with the sh+ts
i’m in the zone with the sh+t
sam gave the keys to the whip
boy that’s a dehko assist
boy don’t be mad if he f+cking yo b+tch
amex unlimited send gifts to b+tches from tiffany’s
this sh+t infinity
wholehunnid los hoppin outta wraiths b+tch
i be with the real bosses talkin s+x with yo b+tch
got me holding up norm cause he drunk off a fifth
did five on my head with the bloods and the crips
ima make sure we all gettin home with my stick
honey pack in my drink break her down with the blit
crank daddy got my back against the wall with the sh+t
compressor kodak like jaws in this b+tch
i be dressin like i’m doing fro with my b+tch
you hear me na
you thought i was done
no i ain’t done
this is infinity
club going up can’t get rid of me
break down bows and get rid of it
walkin through saks got my spirit lit
i ain’t gotta op if i did i’d hit his b+tch
i huddle up with the gang call a play quick
see us in the club dont say sh+t
see us in the club dont say sh+t
see us in the club eh see us in the club dont say sh+t