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dehvion – honestlyyyy, i’m reminscing lyrics


[verse one]

never needed anyone
yeah they know i’m one on one
they said i would lose it all, but i stay as number one
they said i was finished done
they stay yeah totin them guns
working to be a millionare, yeah i love my future son
i’m always in a rush
yeah i love my only god
always holds me down yeah, even when you n+ggas p+ss me off
i done passed twenty one
i don’t really know what’s fun
there’s so much i want to do, but what is there left to come?
don’t take that out of context, i’m just being honest
i’m, twenty two, dropping these albums
they are sh+tty projects
i don’t want to get out of bed
i’m counting thousands really blessed
i got to spend it wisely, i never know what the h+ll is next

[verse two]

shawty what you frontin’ for?
wanna leave there’s the door
i’m not dishing no more
this sh+t’s not a charity store
working hard like it’s a chore
i’m in love it leaves me torn
everyone takes my soul, where the h+ll is your remorse?
i feel it in my cold lungs
i done got p+ssed off
i’m telling you to get lost
this sh+t hit like a fist ball
wanna take a day off
but then i risk it all
now i follow my own brain
yeah i really launched off
a big truck load of smoke
yeah i really took off
you n+ggas really shook small
i tell you to run but you just crawl
man i love my only self, yeah i’m my only big dawg
you put yourself on a shelf
yeah i really stand tall
i just ball in my youth
ya’ll just cry in the booth
i’m doing rnb and blues
ya’ll so mindless ya’ll just shoot
my only dreams my only news
i got money you do too
don’t come to me, i don’t come to you
honestly i’m never comfortable

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