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dekiru – mashed potatoes lyrics


[verse 1]
pull up in that plateau
down the hill the racks roll
into the soil the herbs grow
whip my wrist its so cold
in that whip im global
no postal
my vocals
goin loco
im always goin solo
oh no
n-ggas ridin d-cks like its polo
n-ggas off the sh-ts thats no joke
activis in that styrofoam
im makin different tunes like a xylophone
packin heat
got the feet
im your king
call me your majesty
expose you like an anatomy
like an anatomy

[verse 2]
ridin in like skrt
all that slime on my shirt
watch me give you that work
i was vibin at first
and that 40 gon hurt

ive been grinding all day
ive been grinding all month
ive been grinding all year
ive been grinding all the time x3
all the time x3